Beautiful results start with excellent planning for your painting project. At Artisticrat Painting Inc, we know how important each step is in the painting process because it is our expertise.

We are not a construction or roofing company that also offers painting services; we specialize in completing the highest quality painting projects for the greater South Lake Tahoe area – that is what we do well! When you call us to begin planning your painting project, you are getting the most diligent painters in the area.

Paint application is only a small part of what we do. Yes, it is a very important part, but it is not the one thing that makes us different from the many companies that offer painting in South Lake Tahoe. The first step is taking the time to meet with our clients, like you, to understand their goals and vision for their painting project. Then we create a plan that meets the style, function, schedule, budget and deadlines for the project. It is meeting all these specifications outlined in the planning process that makes Artisticrat Painting Inc the best in the business.

Don’t trust your painting project to just any company offering painting as one of their services. At Artisticrat Painting Inc, we strive to meet all of our client’s expectations from the initial consultation and planning to the final cleanup and inspection. Call us today to begin planning your next painting project for the best service and quality workmanship in South Lake Tahoe.